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£80,000 - £96,000 per annum

About The Role

As an Account Partner, you’ll play a central role in identifying, cultivating and managing relationships with clients, prospects and key accounts. You’ll hold a specific individual target for new business development (the identification and conversion of opportunities into live delivery) aligned to our Sector and wider Growth Strategies. You’ll draw on your existing network, expertise and relationships to build our profile in identified spaces, and cultivate opportunities aligned to our vision and business plan., You’ll work closely with Senior and Managing Partners on a day-to-day basis to ensure effort is aligned to business objectives; with the bid team, and colleagues across client services and our capability areas to develop compelling and winning proposals, bids and tenders; and with the marketing and comms team to build and enhance our market profile and reputation. 

You’ll hold a utilisation target, reflecting the importance we put on being close to client engagements; although this will be lower than most to recognise your primary focus on proposition and business development. You’ll ensure that proposals and tenders are accompanied by price-competitive commercial arrangements, which ensure TPX achieves business plan and budget expectations. 

Partners are ambassadors for TPX, frequently the face of our organisation to our clients (existing, new or target). You’ll work with colleagues across the business to connect our current capabilities, our projects, and our growth aspirations. Externally, you’ll be part of our organisational antennae: often the first to spot emerging client/sector needs: and then able to identify, interpret, convey and connect those needs is critical to our ongoing success. 

Partners are exceptionally talented influencers and collaborators. Working with our teams and our clients, they bring creativity, imagination, pragmatism, curiosity, humility and kindness. They seek to understand the context within which a problem or challenge exists; and are adept at recognising how our people and clients experience those challenges. They work agnostically to achieve the desired results: they may bring specialism, but it’s not essential. What’s important is their ability to listen to clients, translate their needs into viable solutions, and ensure our people and teams can achieve impact for our clients. 



As you balance your time, you’ll focus more on account development, proposition development and growing our presence and profile in target spaces. But you’ll also be close to our work and projects by undertaking various roles, including Project Director, Sponsor, SME or Account owner.


Supporting Growth 

  • While you may contribute across portfolios, your expertise in Social Care can be leveraged to develop tailored propositions and win proposals specifically for this sector.
  • You may have a specific focus on particular portfolio spaces, but will likely support efforts across multiple portfolios.
  • Focus on supporting the continued growth expectations for consulting, in line with business plan.
  • Given the nature of your relationships with clients through account development, your contribution to growth will combine both ‘new business’ and ‘onsell/upsell:  routinely seeking opportunities to extend our work with clients/partners (i.e. developing proposals, ensuring clients understand the breadth of our offer / value proposition etc). 
  • You’ll also play a substantial role in leading and supporting the successful outcome of bid/tender opportunities as part of the Client Services team - creating content (i.e. a proposed approach, teaming model), win strategies, participating in pitches. You’ll leverage your networks to build competitive intel and inform our partnership and commercial strategy. 
  • Will be alive to changing client needs and will proactively pull together proposals/decks, proposition approaches in a more speculative capacity around project and target clients.
  • You’ll be comfortable holding the commercial responsibilities of projects,  owning and leading small (up to £500k) to mid-sized (sub £3m) opportunities through to submission to contribute to our organisational goals and your personal targets.
Account Leadership
  • You'll own client relationships in Social Care, ensuring we deliver efficient and impactful interventions that address their unique challenges. You'll collaborate with teams to develop innovative solutions that navigate the complexities of the Social Care system.
  • You’ll own particular client relationships and target accounts. Whilst you may play a Project Director role, you’ll commonly be around the work as an SME, Account owner or Sponsor.
  • You’ll hold a combination of client relationships and account strategies to drive business growth and advance our profile and reputation in sectors/delivery spaces. You’ll often share an account and project space with colleagues such as Senior and Managing Partners, and you’ll work together to ensure clarity over roles, responsibilities and expectations in such cases, both for TPX and our clients. 
  • You’ll ensure we deliver work and client outcomes in a sustainable way which meets the agreed strategic, commercial and operational expectations, working through Project Directors, and being accountable to Senior Partners, Managing Partners and the Consulting Leadership team.
  • Develop relationships with clients that allow us to create the conditions for teams to challenge a brief, think creatively and test out new ways of doing things. You’ll work closely with account owners, Senior Partners and Partners to spot and progress opportunities for expanding our work with clients, building those into target accounts (where relevant) and therefore contributing to the strength of our pipeline.


Role As A Leader

  • As a Partner, you'll be a voice for Social Care within TPXimpact. You'll champion the needs of this sector and share your expertise to inform best practices and thought leadership in this domain.
  • As a Partner, you are a senior leader within our Consulting team, particularly around client work (projects), and to our teams and your colleagues. As such, you’ll model TPXimpact values and behaviours.
  • You’ll often be the senior face of TPXimpact to our clients, partners or stakeholders. How you represent the organisation will be critical to building and enhancing our profile and reputation 
  • You’ll be privy to commercially sensitive company information which will enable you to play your role effectively (i.e. having access to utilisation / financial data so you can help improve / optimise performance). Accordingly, we’ll place our trust in you - to bring discretion around how such information is handled or communicated.  
  • You’ll develop and maintain strong personal networks and relationships internally so you can secure the expertise and support needed for our projects and accounts to succeed. You’ll be sensitive and alert to the competing demands and pressures facing all our teams; and work collegiately at all times.
  • You’ll bring and maintain a balance of humility, curiosity, passion, challenge and inspiration to our work, our project teams, and our clients. 
  • Clienting: Your ability to build rapport and trust with diverse stakeholders within Social Care is crucial. You'll proactively seek to expand our work within this sector, demonstrating a clear understanding of their specific needs and priorities.
  • External profile: You'll contribute to thought leadership by presenting at relevant Social Care events and conferences, sharing your insights on effective interventions and service delivery models within this complex sector.
  • You’ll hold direct client relationships with those closely involved in our project work (i.e. Sponsor, main commissioner) and proactively work to expand outwards and upwards within that client organisation in order to ensure the work lands well and leads to expansion of our relationship / delivery.
  • Clienting, building and developing client relationships will be your strength.  These client relationships (underpinned by account strategies) will help drive business growth and advance our profile and reputation in sectors/delivery spaces. You’ll often share an account and project space with colleagues such as Senior and Managing Partners. You’ll work together to ensure clarity over roles, responsibilities and expectations in such cases, both for TPX and our clients. 
  • You’ll develop relationships with clients that allow us to create the conditions for teams to challenge a brief, think creatively and test out new ways of doing things. You’ll work closely across Client Services and wider capability areas to spot and progress opportunities for expanding our work with clients, building those into target accounts (where relevant), and therefore contributing to the strength of our pipeline.

External Profile
  • You’ll contribute to thought leadership through blog posts, communicates about the work at events etc.
  • As you balance your time, you’re likely to lean significantly into content and proposition; and proactively use that avenue to develop content, ideas and material to take to market.
  • You’ll have relevant and pre-existing networks in our target and current delivery spaces which you use to generate leads, with demonstrable impact.



  • Utilisation - c40% - you’ll be personally responsible for achieving this as a rolling average, being around projects as Account Manager, Project Director, SME, Sponsor etc
  • Sales - £2m (indicative) - This is an individually held target, and relates to the new business generated and delivered in the year. 

About You

Relevant Experience

This role focuses specifically around Social Care. We want to harness our plentiful experience in the field, and place new focus and investment in understanding the role TPX can play in improving social care outcomes. 

As such, deep sector knowledge and pre-existing networks are critical. You've likely played a senior role in the Social Care sector, including local authorities, central government, or private providers. This experience gives you a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges facing Social Care and how consultancies like TPXimpact can effectively support this sector.

You can interpret and translate intricate Social Care needs into actionable solutions for our teams and clients. You're familiar with funding landscapes, policy dynamics, and service delivery models within Social Care.

You have a proven track record of successfully engaging with Social Care stakeholders at various levels, from frontline practitioners to senior policymakers. Building strong relationships and trust within this sector is your forte.

About Us

People-Powered Transformation

We're a purpose driven organisation, supporting organisations to build a better future for people, places and the planet. Combining vast experience in the public, private and third sectors and expertise in human-centred design, data, experience and technology, we’re creating sustainable solutions ready for an ever-evolving world.

At the heart of TPXimpact, we’re collaborative and empathetic. We’re a team of passionate people who care deeply about the work we do and the impact we have in the world. We know that change happens through people, with people and for people. That’s why we believe in people-powered transformation.

Working in close collaboration with our clients, we seek to understand their unique challenges, questioning assumptions and building in their teams the capabilities and confidence to continue learning, iterating and adapting.


Benefits Include:

  • 30 days holiday + bank holidays
  • 2 volunteer days for causes that you are passionate about
  • Working from home allowance
  • Maternity/paternity - 6 months Maternity Leave, 3 months Paternity Leave
  • Life assurance 
  • Employer pension contribution of 5%
  • Health cash plan
  • Personal learning and development budget
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Access to equity in the business through a Share Incentive Plan
  • Green incentive programmes including Electric Vehicle Leasing and the Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Financial advice
  • Health assessments

About TPXimpact - Consultancy

We drive fundamental change in approaches to product and service development, delivery and technology. Our agile, multidisciplinary teams use technology, design and data to deliver better results, improving outcomes for individuals, organisations and communities.

By working in the open, in partnership with our clients, we not only transform their systems and services but also build the capability of their teams, so work can continue without us in the longer term. Our focus is sustainable change, always delivered with positive impact.

We’re an inclusive employer, and we care about diversity in our teams. Let us know in your application if you have accessibility requirements during the interview.

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